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US Craftmanship.
Globally Competitive.

Purakal Cylinders, Inc. and its people are devoted to the delivery of the most reliable, hardest working pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in the United States and beyond. Our custom fabricated and standard cylinders are behind some of the most critical naval systems, hydroelectric facilities, agricultural, manufacturing and aerospace operations. We are a privately owned company, which allows us to respond first to our customers, knowing that a job done right is the only job worth doing.

Our team of engineers and designers is backed up by highly skilled machinists and they in turn are supported by a devoted, attention-focused team of shipping and logistics experts. But our customers are typically unaware of the craftsmanship that’s happening behind the scenes. They appreciate having a single, dedicated point of contact via our experienced service team.

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One thing customers love about Purakal is that we can manufacture exactly to their needs. In many cases, the end use requires absolute precision and the use of finest grade materials available. In others, a simple hard-working cylinder is all that’s needed. We’re proud of our ability to manufacture the highest quality product available, but we’re equally proud of our ability to exactly meet customer needs – even if they need a basic, less glamourous part. Dive into our inventory of standard cylinders, or find out more about our mainstay: custom cylinders.

Certifications: Purakal Cylinders is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our products come with full warranties. We are able to meet ABS, USCG and many other third-party certifications. Ask us for details.

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Wood Products Manufacturing

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Purakal was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1983. At that time, national and international projects were being designed and built to fit available stock cylinder dimensions and specifications. Through its focus on custom solutions, Purakal changed the paradigm to one that allowed for systems and processes to be built for delivery of the desired outcome rather than stock availability.

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"The project we were working on called for very uncommon ratios and challenging design details. There was no margin for error. The job simply didn't allow for a misstep at the engineering, fabrication or deployment phase. But we knew that Purakal would deliver and that we had a true partner in them."