Custom Cylinders

From Very Small to Very Large

Custom Cylinders

Purakal manufactures thousands of cylinders a year. The majority of those are made to order, following exact specifications provided by the customer’s engineer, or based on the engineering drawings developed by Purakal’s engineers and approved by the customer. Cylinders range from very small to very large. Requests for long-stroke and telescopic cylinders are very common. Applications range from minute, like a small pinstop pneumatic cylinder for material handling to enormous, like turbine shut-offs for hydroelectric dams.

Purakal’s custom order process begins with a conversation or email with our service team. We help to define the basic parameters of the part, clarify specifications and materials and then return to you with a proposal and any follow-up questions. If you like what you see, we will refine your order, finalize prices and quantities and then send it to production. You’ll receive an estimate for the delivery date you can use for your project planning. We pride ourselves on our adherence to production time estimates – we know that a delay on our end will create issues for you.

Purakal Cylinders is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our products come with full warranties. We are able to meet ABS, USCG and many other third-party certifications. Ask us for details.

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