Purakal Cylinders, Inc.

Purakal Eugene, Oregon USA  •  Founded in 1983

A Problem Solving Company

Purakal Cylinders was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1983. At that time, the design and build of national and international projects were limited by the absence of custom hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder options. Project designers would simply work with what was easily available. But when Purakal appeared, the paradigm shifted. Suddenly, projects could be designed strictly for performance and efficiency – and project managers knew that Purakal could deliver the necessary cylinders.

Beyond its products, the company quickly distinguished itself through its dedication to demonstrating integrity and treating customers with respect. Founder Tom Philip devoted himself to building a company that would echo the values of his strong Christian faith. From attending to the needs of employees, to delivering on the promises made to customers and focusing on continuous improvement, this devotion continues to this day and manifests itself in hard work, attention to detail and total accountability.

Industries We Serve
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Timber Industry
  • Safety Testing Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Hydroelectric
  • Shipping
  • Oil Drilling
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture

In just a few years, Purakal was flourishing. Timber manufacturing and by-products companies were first on board, and within a few years, the company could point to a long list of customers in virtually every industry that requires heavy lifting, pushing or pulling, including aerospace, manufacturing, hydroelectric, transportation, agriculture, gas and oil.

Purakal Cylinders remains in Eugene, though its facility is much larger than Tom ever imagined it might become. Today’s complex boasts a modern facility that includes a full range of manufacturing equipment, a testing and quality control area, and a dedicated space for cylinder assembly and repair. Our sales, service, engineering and management teams are located on the same campus, allowing for easy collaboration across departments.

Companies of all sizes and from all industries choose Purakal for its traditional focus on service and customer satisfaction. They also benefit from the company’s insistence on family ownership. Without distant stockholders to dazzle with short-term sales and expense numbers, Purakal is free to consistently exceed customer expectations – knowing that a satisfied customer who feels honored and appreciated will return time and time again, making for an enduring and successful company.

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Heavy Manufacturing

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